Something another drummer told me awhile ago


wy yung

"If you sound good while you are practicing, you are doing it wrong. If you sound good, that means that you don't have to work on whatever you are working on and you are just wasting time." (paraphrasing of course)

Do you agree or disagree?
True and false. Yes, we should move on. But we should also review. I read a quote by Chris Parker where he said he was offered a job playing for a disco style show, so he went and played disco beats for a lengthy time. I think it is safe to say he could already play them. But he reviewed and worked to perfect the feel. I have been able to play the basic rock beat for three decades, but it still helps to play it to a metronome.


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You have missed my point. Why does Tiger Woods hit the ball 1000 times? Can he make a whole in one every time? I would think not, then he is practicing that is why he is doing that. Does he put the ball 2in from the whole and do that 1000 times? Probably not because is what would be referring to playing since he can probably do that.

Like I said if you cant do something then practice it....Like Matt Smith said if he cant play the part flawlessly he is still practicing it. If he can play the part perfect its just playing.

That is my point between the two.
So if Matt plays something flawlessly, and doesn't play it again for a year, when he plays it in a years time he still plays it flawlessly. I don't think so. I will stand by my point that you need to practice all things at least a little or they will start to regress in ability. I will also use my degree in Kiniesiology as my knowledge of the subject.


Your still missing my point....Practice is Practice its playing something you cant if You play it flawlessly and then dont play it for a year of course you wont play it the same that is not my point at all your taking it out of context. We practice to perfect whatever it is were trying to get better at. If we think we have achieved that goal then when we play it again thats what were doing Playing it....