Some advice needed!


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Hi guys - new to the forum mainly as I am new to drumming!

I was looking for a bit of advice - I already work as a musician, usually as a bassist, but also play quite a few other instruments. I am looking to improve my drumming as I can play some basic stuff (holding down rhythms, etc.) but in order to that, obviously, I am going to need to invest in a kit to put in the hours of practise at home.

The snag is that a) I do have budget restrictions and b) I live in a one-bedroom flat. Therefore, I would love any advice about what would be the best kit to get that is going to be economical in terms of price, space and noise produced.

My thoughts are that an electric kit is going to be my best bet at the moment, purely for the fact that it is more compact and I can plug into headphones to not annoy the neighbours - obviously I would MUCH rather have a full acoustic set but I'm not sure this is doable.

Any advice would be great!



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Set of Pearl Rhythm Travelers. Small footprint, low cost,and change heads for normal playing to quiet mesh heads...As you progress this can be a good 2nd kit. Denis


unless you landlord has rules against drums, there is no reason not to get an acoustic. He cannot evict you unless there is a warranted reason and there is no sound ordinance until atleast past nine. what is your budget? you can get some good acoustiic or electric drums for good prices but you have to beware of cheap crap


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I know there are no specific rules about the nosie from playing drums but I have neighbours above, below and next door and on top of that my girlfriend is often working from home so it wouldn't make me too popular.

My budget is maybe around £300 - but that obviously depends on what that is going to buy me. If I have to increase my budget because that intial 300 would just get wasted on rubbish then fine but equally I'm really just starting out so I don't need a performance standard kit or anything yet - this would be mainly for practise purposes.