Software for writing music (PC/Mac)


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Hey peeps.
I've decided I should start writing out some of the original stuff my band does to help me work with the peices in my own time better and come up with new ideas.

Can anyone recommend some good software for doing this? I'd prefer free but I don't mind paying a little if it gets me something a lot better.

I use both a Mac and a PC so software for both or would be good, especially if I can get the same package to run on both. My laptop is a Mac and I can see how it'd be useful to have it on their.

I'm not fussed about midi or anything like that - I just need a means of writing and printing sheet music.



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I prefer Finale. I have written a book with it so I know it very well. I would recommend it to anyone who is serious about notation.

You can also try Musescore, which is free. It is sort of a very, very light version of Finale (not put out by the same company).



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Sibelius and Finale are both fine products. I have used both and would recommend either.