So many choices!!!


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Alright. So Ive had this Ludwig element 6 piece power set set for around a year and a half, and I'm moving to a remote island in alaska called prince of Wales island, where there's like nothing there, so Im thinking about upgrading my set, because I won't be able to upgrade for a long time if I don't do it now. I've got a lot of sets in mind, this is just two narrow down my options a bit. I would prefer a six, piece 2 up 2 down, and birch, I almost never play anything besides classic rock, so something that's good for that would be great to. So far the sets I'm looking into are: Tama silverstar, custom classic pro birch hybrid, Ludwig epic (birch and maple I know),yamaha stage custom, and a gretsch catalina birch set. I haven't played any of them besides the Tama silverstar at guitar center, which I thought sounded amazing. But My friend tells me the stage custom is really nice.I've heard nothing but good things about pro birch hybrids, but there isn't very much info on them period. So yea, that's pretty much the jist of it. Also If u guys could recommend any sets that are under a grand I would greatly appreciate it. Bye


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I always think classic rock should be played on a classic set. I'd look for a used set, something vintage 1960s or 1970s. Slingerland, Ludwig. I'm sure you can find something apprpriate on ebay or craigslist. Good luck.