Snare Tuning



This is my first post,
And my question is, I've got a snare drum(standart osan, 14"x5"), and i want to tune it just like Daniel Erlandsson(Arch Enemy), and i've got the same batter head(Evans HD DRY), and a new pair of Tama MS20SN14S Wires, but I can't still get the same sound as Daniel.

My sound is very crispy, instead of a "bang" i get the "prrrrr" sound.

My batter head is tuned very high. And resonant a bit looser. So do i have to replace the resonant head with a Evans Hazy 300, to get that more short thicker bang, because i have still the stock head on it?

This is how it sounds now:

And I want it something like this:

Thanks in advance!


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I think you might get closer to that sound with just tightening the heads to holly hell and you might try tightening the reso tighter than the batter.
Most of the time you will never achieve the exact same sound as one on a recording even when using the exact same snare wires tuning and heads.

If you like the sound of the Joey snare then why dont you just get one and tune it that way?