Snare tuning problem


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I recently bought a coated Remo Ambassador batter head for my snare. Once I tuned it as tight as I wanted it, I played on it.

It sounds decent at a regular volume but when I played ghost notes and buzz rolls, the snares didn't sizzle at all. There also is hardly any rebound.

Did I tighten too much? Or is it a snare problem?



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If you experiement you will learn loads...

Try losening the snares...removing dampening...retuning both the batter and resonant heads...

..then come back and give a seminar!

Even if someone gives you an answer that works, you will never get as much as experimenting will give you.

a lil something to consider.

(my bet is the snares are stretched to tight and the bearing edge of the reso head is keeping the snares suspended to far above the reso head.. : )


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I've been moving away from the tight snappy snare sound for the same reason. To get more variation in the sound of ghost notes and other things. I can still get a sharp crack from rimshotting, and move where I hit the rimshots around to get different sounds from them. With a tight poppy snare you tend to get one sound. And you really have to tap it lightly to get a ghost note. Loosen up a little and there is a whole dynamic range of ghost notes from a near inaudible wet tap though a moderate hit. With so many sounds available, playing the snare alone becomes fun. Doing things like 2nd line beats are a blast.