Snare tuning-How to get non "snarey" sound


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I was watching this drum lesson video, and the sound of the snare sort of reminded me of something I've wondered about.

Go to 3:49 to skip the soliloquy.

That sort of non "snarey" sound. It's more of a knocking sound. Not sure if this video is exactly what I'm talking about, but it's close. You can't really hear the snares much, and it's not a thin papery sound.

How does one get that?



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thats a very typical 'dry' sound, achieved by tuning very high, and likely on a shallow (5 inch) aluminum shell snare in that vid.
any drum can be tuned to that style, especially metal shelled drums.


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Thanks for the replies!

I've got a Ludwig maple 5", with an Ambassador head and the Ludwig reso.

So tuning up both heads (equally), and tightening the snares up tight should get this sound?


John Bonham used the Ludwig 402. That snare sound that he had on Moby Dick the recording was not really "snarey" either. It sounded like his batter head was really loose, and the snare drum was kind of "tomlike" to me, but I dunno. But he used huge sticks and pounded so hard, I guess you get to the snares eventually if you pound real hard even if they're "loose" LOL!