Snare / Snare Wire Help!


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Hi everyone! I'm new here so be nice!

Basically I've acquired a new snare for £80. It looks pretty much like this one (I have used someone elses image from here, hope thats okay!)...

It is a paralell action one, I think Premier XPK or something similar and it needs new snare wires, where should I get them from? It's 14x8" and I know the snare wires need to be longer because of the paralell action, but don't know which ones to get, help me!

Also, I will try to contribute to other threads and not just use this site to get an answer to my question.




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Looks like you need 16" wires. They're common enough to find as they're used on SuperSensitive snares as well as the older style Pearl Free Floaters. They should be readily available from most drum stores....if they're not on the shelf, you will be able to order them.