Snare selection madness

I have a pro M MAPEX fusion kit and I love the toms and the bass drum. I never liked the snare (all shells are maple). I started searching for a new snare. I was boggled by the amount of choices. Shell type, depth size, diameter size. Each type affecting the sound. Than on top of it the type of skin on it affects the sound and then the tuning (or lack of it) on the drum.
I narrowed it down to a steel snare and an oak snare, both standard 5.5x14.

Went with the steel snare, black panter mapex premium. Sounds great, but that oak had some warmth.

What snare do you play?? and why??


I play two seperate snares on my kit.

My primary snare is a 14"x6.5" Bubinga Stave Shell /w Bubinga Hoops. This drum is custom made by a small drum company here in Australia. Here is an image of it.


This drum is dry and dark and even at higher tunings it holds a fatness to it. So with this drum I am able to crank it up a bit and get that snap but have the depth that I need. The wooden hoops round the tone out a little.

My secondary snare is 13"x5" Black Panther Cherry Wood Snare. The shell is extremely thin and this drum has a wide tuning range. I've put a die-cast hoop on the batter side to get that extra crack.