Snare Problem


Senior Administrator
make sure that your snare is tuned to a different note (top and bottom skins) to you tom's top and bottom skins.

here's what i do - down tune one lug of the snare then hit the tom - snare should no longer buzz. if it does down tune a lug on the opposite side of the snare. then while hitting the tom gradually tune the lug up until buzzing starts, then back off slightly.



First, be sure your snare is in good condition. If when unmounted some wires are loose, you might considerate changing it. Then you have to check the tuning.

Now, besides the tuning, there's also a nice trick: oil your snare! It's free.
Put some Sunflower oil on a cotton towel and apply it on your snare (unmounted) and slightly on your snare head. Enjoy!