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Looking for help here. I own a DW Classics kit (1 up, 2 Down Toms)

I recently picked up a matching Classics 5.5 x 14" Snare on ebay.
I get the worst sympathetic snare buzz when hitting the 12" Tom Mounted on the Bass Drum.

I've tweaked the tuning...but can't seem to eliminate it. A normal amount of buzz is to be expected but this is outright distracting.

I did notice that the snares are extremely wide (fat) on the Snare drum. Would putting a narrower one in help?

Would like to try to make this better. Any suggestions?? Thanks All.


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Bob Gatzen does a great video on sympathetic snare buzz. I don't remember all the tips, but he does demonstrate that fewer snares will help cut down snare buzz. Good Luck
It reminds me a little problem I had long time ago regarding snare buzz, every time I hitted the 13" high tom. I checked the snare drum everything was fine and in order but when I checked inside the high tom, I found a loose nut! that was creating that extra disturbing buzz on the snare.


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i cut down the strands to just 8 or 6. just as gavin harrison. you could also experiment with different types of snarewires, puresound offers plenty of different ones.

before i used a 42-strand wire, with a lot of sympathetic buzz. that problem isn´t so predominent anymore. i also like the full sound of the shell, its a lot more body to the overall snare sound. more timbale if you like.


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You can also loosen the lugs on either side of the snares, 4 all together. maybe one half to one full turn. This works at times

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Your 12 is way out of tune, it needs to be tuned to itself. Take it off the support arm and knock on the shell in the middle. Listen carefully and tune the botton head to the sound off of the knock, do the same to the batter side. Replace it and if your snare still buzzesz out it needs to be corrected. If not then tune your 12 to what you like using the batter head. I'm shocked how many drummers don't do this, its how to tell if you like the drums sound. Screw the brand name the drums sound is what you want and a brand name can't change the sound of the drum, no head can either.
Tune drums to themselfs thats how they'll sound best!! Doc