Snare building questions


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Hello! I've seen some topics about drum building but i couldn't find any answer to some questions i have. Sorry if they have been discussed.
I'm planning to ""build"" a snare cheaply, as they are overpriced here in Argentina and mine is crap.
I've found a luthier who builds shells and aren't expensive, and I can get a strainer. But im not sure yet, whether i should buy hoops or try to build them in some hard wood. What do you think about building them like that? I also thought i could use claw hooks and a metal hoop similar to bass drum ones.
Secondly, i was thinking about getting lugs done by a turner when I came up with the idea of building a Free Floating, what would be easier as i wouldn't have to drill, but then i noticed that strange "extra hoop". If I would join the rods together, wouldn't both heads tune in the same pitch?
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As far as wood hoops.
take a shell the next size up laminate it inside itself so you get double the thickness (Aprox 5/8ths) cut to desired hoop depth 1&1/4" and clean up on a router (take little passes) I usually do a rabbit to counter sink the head and a 1/2" round over on the top

As for turned lugs
You would need to cut a mortise (square hole) to adequately secure your lug inserts
also end grain fracturing (lug breaking) is highly likely on a small piece (the denser the wood the more likely it will fracture) soft woods will deform
solution ... brass & aluminum can be easily turned on a wood lathe which can then be tapped.