Smaller crash goes where?


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When I play my full ideal set-up I play a right handed kit with two snares, and I have cymbals going around in 20" crash, 21" ride, 18" chyna 14" hihats (all to the left of my main snare) then "standard" cymbal set up of 16c, 10s, 18c, 20/21r, 16ch.

I do it because I like having an extra section to be able to play to. I can do my normal set up, but then if I want that extra crash, it's within reach, yet still out of the way.

You've been playing so long with your 14, 16, 20 so your style will be within those three. If you're not gonna uuse the 18 as much, stick it to your far right or left and have it for those times where you do want to specially use it.