Slingerland. First solid body electric guitar. 1936.


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I just stumbled upon this recently. Something I never heard before.

Solid body, neck through body construction, and a lap steel pickup which was a humbucker!

Les Paul and Leo Fender get the lions share of the recognition for those "innovations"

Things are rarely as they seem.

Robert Johnson was singing about hellhounds on his trail around about then.


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There was all kinds of experimenting going on in the 30's ref electric guitars that no one in particular is getting credit for. A common them was to imbed a phonograph needle in the wood of an archtop guitar and play it through the phonograph etc. I've seen photos of various
solid body experiments in that era. Gotta' give Les Paul credit for multitracking though.


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Back in the 20's -30's,Slingerland was known as the Slingerland Banjo and drum company.Ludwig also made banjos,as did Gretsch .They all made drum heads out of calf,slunk and kangaroo,especially Rogers,who didn't REALLY become a drum company till Clevland Rogers sold the company to Henry Grossman Music in the early 50's.

People also forget that Gretsch made great guitars in the 50's,through the 70's.Even guys like Pete Townsend loved Gretsch giutars,and he used a Chet Atkins model to record "Who's Next",not the Gibson SG he was so identifiable with.

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People were experimenting with electrics in the late 20's. 1932, a guy named Gage Brewer, invented the "Frying Pan" (pictured).​
Gibsons first production electric guitar was the ES-150, in 1936. Their first solid body, was 1940.​
Fender was the "johnny-come-lately" and started up in 1946.​