Slick hats!


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Inspired by another members mention of a song called Darlene, I thought of Led Zeppelins Darlene. I thought about how cool that beat is and how sneaky and difficult it is to feel and nail that hi hat bark. So I thought I'd kick off a thread about slick hat parts you dig, just for fun.

I always dug the Zigaboo's Cissy Strut hi hat work. The left hand coming up to the hat to create that cool effect (I think thats what hes doing).

Squib cakes has the cool double bark, Tower of Power. Of course there's the 5th Beatles rock steady triple bark.

What are some of the slick hi hat parts that get you going?


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Basically everything that Jeff Porcaro played in his life..
YUP !! "I keep forgettin' " is bananas great (ever check the studdy on groove fractals on this tune ? unreal.) same w/ "rosanna": the internal mix he is getting on sh*tty 2002 hats / snare / kick is un-repeatable.

"oh sherry" 32nds by the late great Larrie Londin. all the Gadd 32nd hat/snare fills on albums. all the Copeland hat good-isms. Steve Jordans hat sounds & touch. Same with Aaron Sterling.

keep it going...


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Oh yeah, I forgot that insane Steve Gadd paradiddle based hi hat lick he does. If we are getting Jeff involved, lets get James Gadson too...more magic 16ths


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Basically everything that Jeff Porcaro played in his life..
Yep, Kingdom of Desire has some tasty hat work. Don't Chain My Heart and The Other Side are amazing.

Big shout to Purdie as well, Hall & Oates She's Gone, the trusty locomotion groove
I was just listening to Sly & the Family Stone's "Fresh", and I kept thinking about this thread. Lot's of slick, funky hi-hat work.


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Always loved Ringo's hats on "Don't Let Me Down."

Pick Withers hi-hat work on "Sultan's of Swing" is one of my fave's too.