Singing drummers


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Luis Cardenas?? played drums for Rengade I think [Bermuda is a friend of his] but had a coupla hits singing too; check out 'Runaway' on youtube, has Del Shannon, Donny Osmond and some dinosaurs in it!! Also had 'the biggest drum set' in the world according to Guinness tv show [4 bass drum Luddie in leopard print I think, maybe tiger]
I loved that set, was tiger print. Boasted every size drum ludwig made at the time if I'm not mistaken. and that version of runaway is my favorite by far. The dinosaurs in the video were great, but donny osmond looked fake.


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I LOVE Buddy Miles' singing - especially with Hendrix on the Band of Gypsies album. 'Changes' is just the grooviest song.


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As far as drinking summers, ..ah mean singing drummers go, I particularly enjoy Kenwood Dennard when the spirit moves him.



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When I stated playing drums I put the headphones on and a stack of records dating myself..LOL and played while I played i sang along to the songs so it just came natural.

being able to Sing and having STRONG harmonies has gotten me MANY gigs.
Omar Hakim,and Abe L w Paul Mccartney got their gigs not just on drumming but also their vocal ability.
BEST singing drummer would go to Deen Castranova with JOURNEY check out his voice here....
Absolutely Tim!! Being able to play is a given, but, two for the price of one get's it done!
HA HA !! It rhymes it's kind beautiful!!

I play in a three piece band and it really opens up the sound of a band with lead and two harmony vocals.
i sing lead on a lot of songs while drumming. i think drumming and singing is great because you can accent with vocal parts, and overall feel the rythym of the vocals/drums together, which i think are the 2 most important instruments for staying on time. Levon Helm is a good example, its like his vocals and drumming are the same instrument.


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2 part question:
How many drummers out there sing? I do but I'm not so hot with harmonies.
Also how many famous singing drummers can you name?
I sing, pretty much ALL harmony. I'm more inclined to sing the harmony to stuff I hear anyway, so I put it to good use.

The list michael drums posted has a few of my favorites!
Don Brewer
Phil Collins
Karen Carpenter
Roger Taylor
Don Henley
Mick Tucker

Meg White - The White Stripes?? She plays drums?? I knew she OWNED some drums but . . .
another thing i just thought about

In the Beatles Anthology book, theres a quote of Ringo saying something about how he always tried to do fills during breaks in the vocal part. for example, in A Day In the Life: "he blew his mind out in a car.. ba boom boom, bap, budum." -very effective.

what im getting at is that when your the singer AND the drummer, you can do that easier cause its the same brain.


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well, i can sing and play at the same time...

but, nobody ever wants to hear that i promise! lol

when the singer doesnt show up, its usually me...which sucks for the other members =P


Pete Stoltman

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Mel Torme was a legendary singer and quite respectable on the drums but I don't think I ever heard him do both at the same time.