Similarities between jazz and black metal (or other genres)?


One of the most obvious things I'd point out is that jazz drummers have been doing up tempo stuff way before metal came onto the scene. You can hear examples of Max Roach, Jake Hanna, Louie Bellson, Tony Williams etc etc blazing at upto 400bpm for a good 5 minutes at least. I think my best answer to your question would be to paraphrasis Earl Palmer, I can't remember the exact words, but he said that you gain a certain feel for the kit which you wouldn't get from solely playing rock. For me it goes way beyond licks and beats you can take from jazz and put into rock. What I've learnt from jazz is about musicality and subtlety eg how something as basic as quarters on the ride can be phrased in different ways. You learn how to approach time playing: do you play fractionally ahead of the beat for a more driving feel, behind for a more laid back feel or dead on. Working on jazz is extremely important for me, after all it is the history of the drumkit. Even double bass came from a jazz drummer, Louie Bellson. Elvin Jones hit the drums hard just like metal drummers (he could play softly as well), he converted pure passion and emotion into music, that's what you learn by studying the great players of jazz.


Jason Bittner from Shadows Fall recently posted a pic on his Facebook site with he and Steve Smith sharing a lesson.

His posts for the next week or so were him basically trying to wrap his head around the lessons and tips he got from Steve and how he could incorperate that stuff into his Shads music.

I consider myself a hard rock/metal drummer myself but I'm getting into Tommy Igoe, Rick Latham, Steve Smith, Steve Gadd, etc. to try to expand my playing. Drummerworld is an excellent resource that opens so many doors to different genres and what they can offer you and your playing.

Check out some of the Latin players and African percussionists as well. Very inspiring and could totally throw some left turns in your playing. Think about going full bore on some 64th doubles then a quick left turn into a sick break down with a (still metal) heavy Afro-Cuban feel to it. Definitely open some ears and turn some heads.


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There are alot of similarities, although I dont know about death metal or black metal quite as much as more modern metal. But for example, two of my favorite drummers are The Rev from A7X (RIP) and Abe Cunningham from The Deftones, who both use alot of jaz techniques even though they are considered to be metal drummers. Abes more on the fusion/hip hop metal side, but still! They use ride patterns that youd see in jazz, as well as alot of accent notes and time signatures that one can hear in jazz. Jazz and metal are like the same, but inverted. Like exact opposites, but the same, kinda like looking at a mirror-same thing but flipped.

My quest to being an excellent drummer was never legit and serious until I started studying some I feel as if Ive grown immensely as a metal drummer! I def. recommend learning some jazz for those who desire to not only be a better rock/metal drummer, but just a better more well rounded drummer in general!
Hey. I am a blackmetal drummer, and Im trying to expand my creative horizon. Im reading about the drummer Hellhammer who has studied jazz drumming, and says he tries to use that in his playing. But when I listen to Mayhem, I cannot tell what jazz techniques he`s using. Are there any similarities between jazz and Black/extreme metal?

I can recognize elements from the trash-genre, but are there any other genres used iin Black Metal?