Shouldn't bass drum pedals swivel a little?


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Playing the bass drum with the foot squarely on the pedal while the pedal/drum face forward is an unnatural position. (I bet most peoples hi hat pedals are not parallel with the bass drum pedal) Seems to me drum pedals should allow for a bot of a swivel? Would save on tweaking the existing mount or facing the bass drum off to the side.


I don't know what you're doing, but my bass and hats are arranged so that the pedals form about a 45 - 60 degree angle.


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Everyone is physically different and will sit at the drums their own way. I couldn't sit squarely forward while playing, it would be extremely uncomfortable for me. I sit at the drums as if my body were a tripod. My bass drum to the right, high hats pointing left, and my body pointing in between them. It's natural and I can reach everything easily that way. My feet don't sit precisely on the pedal all the time...just whatever is comfortable.


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If you have the pedals parallel you will be sitting like you are riding a horse. My bass drum and hats are a bit to each side so I am facing forward not the bass drum.