Should I sell my first set of drums?


I have a dilema regarding my first "real" drum set. My very first kit was bought for $60 when I was 11. An old piece of crap I bought from my school janitor. I played the hell out of that kit till it literally fell apart. My parents and everyone around me could see my talent and dedication, so they agreed to get me some good, real drums - the Ludwig Rockers series, black 5-piece probably like 1991-2 series. They had to borrow money and I had to promise to pay half of it back by the time I was 18. They were great. I was really greateful, took great care of them, and played them everywhere. I even giged with them up till my mid 20's. I have since updgraded my gear several times over, but I held on to them mostly for sentimental reasons. The spurs are worn out. The bd hoops are warped. They have a decent amount of bumps and bruises, but in decent shape. They have the early '90's "power toms" which are really hard to go back to after using more conventional toms. Anyway, I really don't have the room for them anymore, but just not sure I could sell them. Don't think I could get any more than like $300 tops for the shell pack. I just can't decide if it's worth it. Maybe the memories are enough and I just need to do it? I'm sure some of you have had this situation. Advice?


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I've held on to my first kit... Now approaching 20 years old (Tama Rockstar DX), and bought for me by my now deceased grandfather, travelled across the country and back, set on the some of the same stages as some of my influences played, recorded my first 5-6 albums with them, covered in road goo... I don't think I could ever give them up.

I did consider getting rid of them when I bought my current kit a few years back but am really glad I didn't - they now come in handy for use at the rehearsal space and allow me to keep my gigging kit in cases.

Storage was a pain for the time when I wasn't using them at all, I nested them together as best I could and kept them in the corner of my bedroom... took up some real estate, but well worth keeping the memories around.


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Without a doubt, keep it.
I don't care if its not much, keep it. Never mind my first set was a Rogers in the mid 60s with a wood dynasonic snare now worth thousands and I always regretted selling it.
Someday there could be someone you would like to give it to, a son, daughter, nephew, who knows? You have already said it has sentimental value, money is only money, do not sell it! Much easier for something with sentimental value to be passed on to someone you love and care about than a stranger with a few hundred bucks.


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my first set was a half a cb percussion set with just a kick, racktom, and snare. I kept it till I was about 22 and then my parents moved houses and so I threw them out.

I traded in my second kit which was a premier jazz kit with an 18" kick, I got $500 in credit for them which was more than I payed so I thought I got a good deal. I wish I still had them now though becuase It would be cool to have a smaller set, and surprisingly I don't see premier stuff in the states anymore. I thought they would be around forever.

Is there any way you can use part of the rocker kit towards a new project, it would be cool to recycle the lugs or something with new shells (if they aren't the long lugs). I saw a mint rocker kit on ebay the other day and I have to say I got kind of nostalgic, we used to have one at my school and it brought back memories.

I wouldn't hold on to a rocker kit though if was that beat up. It's not really rare and if you ever want to get a rocker kit i'm sure there are tons of them out there.


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If you are talking about the 60 dollar set, as your first set,,say bye bye.

If you are talking about the Ludwigs, and they are in decent shape I say keep them. If they are beat, and you dont want to pay to refurbish them, then say bye bye also.


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My first kit got traded in for peanuts..... back then I needed *anything* to help offset the cost of new drums.



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It depends, unless you need the money and or the space, there's no reason why you should sell them. Maybe you can give them to someone you know who wants to learn one day?


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..... the Ludwig Rockers series, black 5-piece probably like 1991-2 series.....The spurs are worn out. The bd hoops are warped. They have a decent amount of bumps and bruises, but in decent shape. They have the early '90's "power toms" .... Anyway, I really don't have the room for them anymore.....
I'd find a good home for them. Plenty of needy schools, churches, missions, starving artists out there. Salvation Army/Goodwill.


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Keep them! I too sold my 1960's Roger's kit that my dad bought me in the early 1980's. Red Sparkle, beautiful shape, matching snare...ARGH! I would LOVE to have that kit today.

And, don't think, "well mine won't be vintage some day.". Believe me, in 1988, when I sold my Rogers for a Pearl, the Rogers Co. was out of business, no one I ever heard of played them and the sparkle finish was really not "in"! Ya never know!

(Of course, I also regret selling the Ludwig hand hammered bronze snare that I bought with the Pearl kit in '88...and the Zildjian Ping ride at the same time!!!) How much room do you have???? LOL!