Should I buy a drum set even tho im a newbie??


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Im planning to learn on playing drums for a hobby, and im thinking of getting of an electronic drum set cause i live in an apartment, anyways, my uncle introduce and taught me some things about drumming when i was 12, and after that i wasn't able to develop my skill cause i don't have a drum set at home and my parents insist i should focus on my studies more. Now that im 21, ive been thinking to learn it again by teaching myself I can't enroll for a drumming class cause of my work is it advisable to get a drum set even without good amount of skills?? also, is it possible to learn it by myself??


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Yes, yes, and yes! There are plenty of online resources and books to help you learn stuff. Also, instead of drumming classes, it would do you better to have a few lessons with a private instructor.

Good luck and have fun!


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The first time I sat behind an acoustic drum kit, I was hooked. If you can, get acoustic.

Electronic has it's uses but for me it's more of a luxury to be able to practice a lick at 3am. They still make some noise but you can look at the possibility of using cymbal/drum mutes or mesh heads. Heck, high end e-kits are just triggered mesh heads.

Put it this way...if/when I move out of this house, it's high on the list of priorities to make sure I am still able to play acoustic.