Short Story Long

So about a year ago I was in a progressive metal/rock-ish band where I had to learn all of the parts to all of the instruments to EVERY song (both guitars, bass, drums, and occasionally vocals). So lately I've been thinking about doing a DIY solo project. My only problem: the $$.

I have my own drums, PA, guitar, and amp, but no way to record, even scratch tracks. I also want to improve on the quality of my equipment, with the exception of my PA, which works wonders. I have a couple ideas, but some things must be explained first:

-I probably won't do shows (considering the people that could play this music are non-existent in the area I live.)
-I don't know how to record stuff.

So, for my drums, I've thought about a Mapex Meridian 6 piece kit shell pack (couldn't get any details) for ~$800 with about 13 cymbals. The kit and the cymbals will be placed on some sort of rack system (not sure about that either, I just really like how they look).

I've also heard some Gretsch kits that sound rediculously good, but I thought that Gretsch was more focused on jazz.

Any cosiderations, additions, deletions, criticism, etc. are welcome.

EDIT: Also, any advice for a cheap means of recording would also be nice :)