SHORT STORY: Jerk music teacher


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I think it's a pretty ridiculous thing for a band director to cut percussion out of an ensemble. It's not a string quartet, it's a school band, and an enormous majority of classical pieces have integral percussion parts. It sounds like the school had a full supply of percussion instruments, so in my mind it seems awfully wasteful to not put them to use.

I also think it's a pretty ridiculous thing to require a participant in a middle school band to get private lessons, if only because of the monetary requirement there. Lessons definitely help, and I'm a drum teacher myself, but what happens beyond the scope of the classroom curriculum is simply none of the teacher's business.

To your school's director's credit, it seems like he gives a faq about the band, but in my school band experience if the band director wasn't a percussionist, they were at best apathetic and at worst counterproductive. I went to two high schools for two years each; the first had one who was enthusiastic about the drumline, and we regularly won first place in marching band competitions and put on huge percussion concerts, and the second was a clarinet player who was only satisfied with the sound of a drum kit when I played no kick drum at all. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose, but I do applaud your friend for sticking up for what he believes in. Hopefully the band director comes around.