SHORT STORY: Jerk music teacher


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If he's a conductor for a school band he will be playing about every genre, but what he said is a common opinion I hear from classical and jazz cats regarding rock (or classical dissing jazz). It isn't so much elitist as just their opinion-plenty of rockers would argue the opposite (as likely can't stand either). I've never begged for squat (beside my Dad would slap me silly). If I don't earn it I don't want it. Rejection, even getting the hell beat out of me, though painful has motivated to be better and try harder. Hell growing up I thought everyone was a moron. Now I realize everyone is a moron especially me. But as an educator sometimes it's "tough love"-if you can't cajole them into action you try and piss them off into it. That's what my professors did with me-I stayed pissed (after rejection, humiliation, and degradation)-graduated with distinction and had published 6 papers (I couldn't believe it-I'm lazy and a mediocre student generally). Funny all my mentors that, at the time, I hated for their berating and criticizing me I've gone back to thank them. Since I've had two students thank me for doing the same. Yeah sometimes we can be lazy and want the easy path so need someone to push us to find our potential.


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I think it's a pretty ridiculous thing for a band director to cut percussion out of an ensemble. It's not a string quartet, it's a school band, and an enormous majority of classical pieces have integral percussion parts. It sounds like the school had a full supply of percussion instruments, so in my mind it seems awfully wasteful to not put them to use.

I also think it's a pretty ridiculous thing to require a participant in a middle school band to get private lessons, if only because of the monetary requirement there. Lessons definitely help, and I'm a drum teacher myself, but what happens beyond the scope of the classroom curriculum is simply none of the teacher's business.

To your school's director's credit, it seems like he gives a faq about the band, but in my school band experience if the band director wasn't a percussionist, they were at best apathetic and at worst counterproductive. I went to two high schools for two years each; the first had one who was enthusiastic about the drumline, and we regularly won first place in marching band competitions and put on huge percussion concerts, and the second was a clarinet player who was only satisfied with the sound of a drum kit when I played no kick drum at all. Sometimes you win some, sometimes you lose, but I do applaud your friend for sticking up for what he believes in. Hopefully the band director comes around.