Shipping question - strip off hardware?


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I'm researching about what it takes to ship a drum set. I've had experience shipping other products, but nothing as big as a drum set. Probably the biggest thing I've shipped is a bass guitar.

I had already thought about nesting the drums and removing the RIMS mount. With that said, an interesting thing I ran across is one person suggested stripping off ALL of the hardware (e.g. lugs, floor tom brackets), and shipping the hardware separate in a smaller box for several reasons:

  • With all of the hardware gone, you can nest more drums inside of each other.


  • The person also claimed that it's cheaper to put all of the heavier stuff (e.g. lugs, floor tom legs, RIMS mounts) in a smaller, heavier box as opposed to added weight of the larger boxes. I don't know if this is true.

Anyone remove all of the hardware whenever shipping a kit? Seems like a lot of work to me, but if it saves a good amount of money, it may be worth it.


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Most shipping companies go by overall size as well. A bass drum that weighs 1 pound less stripped, estimate, won't be that much cheaper than the whole drum. You would be able to nest without damage, but the size is still there.


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All I know is if I received a kit in the mail and had to put every piece of hardware back on I'd be pissed. 3 drums with 8 lugs each is 96 screws. 6 screws for spurs, 6 for FT legs, 4 for bass drum tom mount, yeah that's a lot of extra work. Then on top of that, I would have to rehead and tune the whole thing. You would be sure hearing from me about it, unless I was aware ahead of time.


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I agree with the previous two posters. The real kicker in terms of shipping cost will be the size, not the weight so you wouldn't save much relative to the amount of work it will take you and the buyer to disassemble/reassemble.

Also, unlikely but it would really suck if the box of hardware was severely delayed or lost.

Nest the drums with copious amounts of padding to protect the interiors from the hardware and you should be fine.


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Remove hoops, rods, BD spurs, and maybe floor tom brackets, if it makes nesting easier. Wrap the bass drum hoops in soft foam, and place them around the bass drum shell. Put the remaining hoops in a flax box together. Reinforce the corners with more cardboard, and use their space for BD spurs, FT legs, rods, etc. Check out the picture in this link:


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I sent a bunch of drums to Precision for bearing edge work.
After removing the metal, I packed a 12, 13, 14, 16 in a single floor tom case inside a shipping box with a lot of padding.

But it was coming back to me.

I wouldn't want to buy drums without the lugs. If I stripped a lug I would be psychologically blaming the seller, even if it was my own fault.