Setting up a click using Rolan TD9

Dave Mac

Junior Member
Hi Folks, although I am simply a guitarist, I am asking advice on the best way to set up a click track using a roland TD9 kit. In a nut shell my drummer knows zero about the concept of midi and unfortunately I opened my big fat mouth and said I would help (hence joining this group). Years ago a drummer we had in a band had the top of the line Roland V drums (talking about 15 years ago ) and he used to have me send him a midi click track using note 88 sent out on midi channel 10 from my sequencer program. Because note 88 was outside the general midi standard drum sound range the sequencer never of course triggered any external sound with that note to the front of house. ( At least I think this was the concept) The drummer though somehow managed with his roland V kit to have the received notes ( 88) triggering a sound he used as his own click track ( I think from memory a kick drum sound). The click sound however was only ever heard in his own head phones connected to the roland V drums and did not come back mixed to the desk with his V kit sounds. My question is firstly can this be also achieved using the TD 9 module and secondly how do we go about this. Today I tried sending from cakewalk on the computer a programmed drum track from the computer midi out into the midi in on his TD 9 just to see if it would talk to it and sure enough it triggered sounds but only notes similar to the limitation of a standard midi drum kit range (certainly not notes 88 or above). Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Kind regards Dave