"Setting the Stage" Sunday Check-In Thread, March 18 2012

Use this thread to tell us about any drumming related activities you've got planned for the next week: Practice routine, lessons, concerts, shows, new gear, etc.

We'll re-up this thread every week.


Ground Pounder, Week of 3/18/12:

Tommy Igoe's Great Hands for a Lifetime, rebound and accents (1hr/day, morning)
Marvin Dahlgren's 4-Way Coordination, melodic coordination - eighth notes (1hr/day, evening)
Songs: Groove Essentials 8th Note Rock Patterns (1hr/day, evening)


Attending Battlecross at The Token Lounge, Westland MI, March 24th.

Shopping for a hi-hat and a stand (New Beats? o~O!)
Hoping for some new cymbals to be delivered tomorrow.

Practice with new bass player who is stepping in for our next gig (only second practice which wont even last long enough to go through half our set)

Saturday - Gig day. New venue for us. Both excited and hesitant (due to space restrictions)

keep it simple

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Ok, I'll go with this, but pretty boring this week;



Usual Monday band practice

Non this week

Just booked to see The Tubes in London - June :)

Meetings this week to finalise hardware production for our new drum series to be launched in October.


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Finally got my snare-bag that I ordered months ago, and I'm still waiting for my stands-bag, so I can more easily move my tom, hi-hat and cymbal-stands between gigs.

Other than that, blues-practice for 3 hours on thursday, late practice yesterday with my fusion band and general day to day practicing I guess.

Next gig is april, and from then it's pretty much gig'ing every weekend forward until july. I had no idea blues was so popular.


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Practice Monday thru Friday
Technique and coordination
hand exercises- Singles, doubles, paradiddle family with inversions
Reading- Syncopation at 300 the quarter note and Bellson p. 68-71
Rudimental Ritual (only the standard rudiments)
Dawson's Coordination ways
Riley's three voice comp. in 8th notes from Beyond Bop drumming
Bobby Gabriele's Chart Reading workbook, embellishing single note set ups on and off the beat.

Riley's 3/4 comping from Jazz Drummer's Workshop
3 beat phrases in 4/4 time to create a 4 over 3 feel
Reading Syncopation as 16th notes, in unison and with ride patterns with Samba ostinato on feet
Various grooves and common patterns in samba music
Playlongs in the styles

* I don't work on everything every single day. Usually I'll work on the technique/coordination part of the routine and then work on a single style, then the next day I'll focus on the other style and so on. This will pretty much be my routine till the semester ends in May.

Monday- Rehearsal with Vidrios, prog. rock band
Thursday- Rehearsal with Bicicleta, punk/hardcore
Saturday- Gig with Bicicleta

My dad is playing with a salsa band and my teacher is playing with a funk/rock group on Friday, both gigs are on the same area so I think I'll see a little of both.

Other activities
Monday- Workshop for improvising musicians by three professors at a recently opened music school.


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Monday:A Moment of Funk and Ragtime Robin
Tuesday: concert band
Thursday: lessons, concert band, jazz band

End of March, April, end of May.

Clinics, etc:
Saw Stanton Moore two weekends ago. May see my prof play in his Salsa band.

I need new hats, new double pedal, new hi hat stand, new crash, new stands, etc.