Selling Beats?


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Anyone ever done this or know someone who did/does?

I'm intrigued by the idea of selling grooves to rappers/producers/dj/etc. and would like to hear any stories anyone has on the topic. Obviously you need to have some contacts in the rap game and all the legal stuff taken care of. Other than that I'd really like to hear your stories and advice you'd give. Good and bad; successes and failures.


I do a lot of work in the hip hop industry.
Sometimes just creating stems for a producer to create beats from..... Sometimes dropping full break beats.

But the term " beats" in the hip hop game refers to a complete piece of music including bass line and progression if needed and samples .... Whatever ......a finished product basically ...or at least nearly finished

You can't really sell a drum beat.

What you can sell is a " beat" as defined above .

I've been making beats since the early 90s and have worked with some major cats in the game. I just recently colabed with Mr. Green on some RA the Rugged man tracks and am slotted to track some drums for Tame One this coming Dec.

Hip hop is tough because there are so many cats who program ill beats..... But there is work out there if you can get your toe in the game and live in a fertile hip hop area
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