Seating Arrangement and finding the BPM


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Just set it up so it's comfortable for you and mark it off with tape or a whatever on your mat. Follow your markings the next time you set up and you should still be comfortable (unless you're still growing or shrinking for some reason).

It's a bit like asking someone the correct seat and mirror adjustments for you in your own car. It's personal to everyone and just your own common sense.

As for the BPM. It's just trial and error. Get it as close as you can.


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Curly great story. It's always fun to laugh at others misery ha ha. Man I would never have agreed to that. Maybe if the guy who wanted me to do it stood on his head while playing or singing or whatever.
Naw... he be the star and strutted his stuff while we suffered. It was our first time out
and we didnt know what really to do but play. It never happened again. Tnx mate.