Scott K Fish Blog: Regrets? I've Had a Few #1: Bill Bruford

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SKF Blog: Regrets? I've Had a Few #1: Bill Bruford

I never met Bill Bruford in person. Our 1983 Modern Drummer interview was by phone. It was one of my rare MD interviews for which I wish I had been better prepared. Not that I was careless in setting out to interview Mr. Bruford. Once he and I were into the interview, I realized I was ill-prepared in a couple of areas. Most of all, I was woefully ignorant about Simmons drums.

I was aware of electronic drums. The first drummer to use electronic drums that I know of was Michael Shrieve. Maybe Syndrums? When I interviewed Bruford, I started out thinking of electronic drums as producing that early Star Wars laser gun effect - and nothing more. According to Wikepedia, 1983 was when Simmons introduced sound sampling.

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I am sure that around that time you were not aware of the potential of electronics because it simply hadn't happened yet.

I hated Simmons at the time because drummers were just playing them like acoustic drums, and the sounds were cheesy. But Bruford had a whole new way of looking at things. Phil Collins did some really cool stuff with them also.

I seem to remember an interview with Bill Miller where Bruford sounded kind of haughty...

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Frank Briggs from a Syracuse, New York band 805 was an early proponent of Simmons drums - a very creative, musical drummer. I remember spending several hours with Frank Briggs. I can't remember if I officially interviewed him and, if so, if the interview was published. As I'm writing, I see Frank Briggs was an MD blogger. I enjoyed meeting him and he was a great help in my understanding of Simmons drums.