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Loved it! Brings back so many memories of my adolescence.

Not sure about the joker on drums now, (or at least in 2006). He kept the beat just fine and all but that solo section? Meh. Give me Herman ze German any day.


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My first concert was Bon Jovi opening for the Scorpions(September 1983). I don't really remember what Bon Jovi did (before Slippery When Wet), but the Scorps rocked. The energy from the moment they hit the stage, all the way through. Klaus was a ball of fire and Herman was playing a set of Steel Ludwigs. He was incredible. I put this up hoping some people would remember them and Herman. They had many albums out before they hit it with Blackout. Great band, but seemingly forgotten these days.

Herman may not be dying his hair, but he took over the kit and was still rock solid. A drummer who should be remembered!
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I'm not all that familiar with their material but I actually auditioned to play for Uli Jon Roth some time in 2012. I hadn't actually heard who he was until then. He's a nice guy.