Saving edits on the Alesis D4


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I have the original Alesis D4 Drum Module, having trouble saving edits. What I'm trying to do is to adjust the gain on all the drum sounds and save them.
When I turn off the module and turn it back on again the gains haven't been saved and I have to edit again!!!
Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong.



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It.could also be the battery on the main board is dead. I've heard.that can happen to them. It's a 20+ year old module, so it's one of the possibilities.


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Thanks so much. I did think the battery could be the culprit, so I will replace it.

Just another tip: You might want to have the module plugged in and turned on while you replace the lithium battery in order to save any edits you've already made otherwise it may default back to factory pre-sets.

I had to do this with a Roland TD-10 and managed to keep everything saved (be careful while doing it though)!


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If I'm remembering correctly, there use to be somewhere you could buy new memory/samples for the dm4. It's more of a DIY mod to the module to update the sounds. Now whether you can still find them today, who knows. This was on a message board 10+ years ago, and members were doing this mod. I was either using a dm5 or dm pro at the time so I didn't look into it.