"Uncle Larry"
So I am an electrician during the day. Yesterday I was wiring outdoor speakers around a pool area for one of my long time customers, a doctor. After I was done, I told my customer to test it by playing the stereo. So he puts in a CD (that I gave him months prior) of a song I recorded down my basement. I smiled because he kind of surprised me with it. I said, "Hey I know this song"..We laughed and then he turned it up to see how good his new speakers sounded. A few minutes later, his neighbor, a woman in her 40's I'd say came running out and looking very determined. I thought she was going to complain about the volume. She said..."that that song...who is this?" So my customer says, "That's Larry and his band" and points at me. She said "OMG that's you? Do you have any CD's for sale? I need to buy that song! I'll write you a check right now" As it happened I had some CD's of a live show we did and she bought 2 for 10 apiece right there on the spot That so made my day. Just to know someone got that excited over a song we recorded. They say money can't buy happiness but that 20 bucks really made me happy.


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Larry, that is a cool story...indeed it does make your day when someone gets excited about your music...

I LOVE it when I can look out into the crowd and see someone moving with the music, or even better, now when some of our regular crowd play "air drums" during our shows...

Congrats Larry! Getting to play and having someone willing to pay for your tunes! Priceless.
Quite an interesting story, keep up the good work.
By the way, reading the post title I thought about The Rolling Stones song...I Can't Get No, Satisfaction!



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Larry, great story! We all claim noble & self righteous reasons about why we play music ( ..other than there's nothing else we know how to do.. ), but this really is the essence of it.

A human response and an appreciation, unprompted, unexpected.. I bet you felt like a million bucks even if it actually totaled just 20.

I'm feeling like a million on your behalf : )