S****y albums done by great bands..

Armor of Light

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Even great bands have some stinkers..they can't all be winners!

Some that come to mind:

X factor - Iron Maiden
Ain't Misbehavin' - U.F.O.
Never Say Die - Sabbath

..any more?


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a slew by Metallica and Megadeth, that's for sure (if you consider them "great" bands" anyway)


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I haven't heard it myself, but there's a Lour Reed/Metallica collaboration that I believe reflects badly on both.

This week I heard that Bob Dylan has just released a covers album. My personal jury is very much out on that. Dylan's voice is most charitably described as "distinctive". While playing his own songs, he gets away with it, because the lyrics rise above the quality (qualities?) of the voice. But that voice as a means of interpreting others' songs...not convinced.


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'Love Beach' by ELP. I hate ELP but 'Love Beach' really takes the biscuit.

I don't like 'Pablo Honey' by Radiohead. I really don't. It's not a terrible album but I just can't listen to it.


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GnR - Chinese Democracy
In my opinion this abomination really shouldn't be counted as a GnR album since it was really just Axl like over 10 years after they disbanded. The Spaghetti Incident would be a better example of a plain horrible GnR album.

Anon La Ply

No one can be at the top of their game all the time, eh?

Many bands start out brilliant but lose the magic through commercial pressure or aspirations. The Tubes. ELP (as mentioned). Genesis. Mtume. Utopia.

Other artists (understandably) run out of creative juice in old age after years of awesomeness like Elton John and David Bowie. Ditto King Crimson, especially the ConstuKction of Light album.

Many would nominate Lou Reed's Metal Machine Music, although to a noise music aficionado like Duncan, it's amongst his best work.


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I forget who said this but it was a great and accurate line.. "You have your whole life to write your first album, and only 6 months to write the second".
Here is a little list of crummy albums by awesome bands:

X Factor by Iron Maiden
Dedicated to Chaos by Queensryche
Graffiti Bridge by Prince (not a BAND per se', but a fantastic artist)
Every album KISS made after KISS Alive
Working on a Dream by Bruce Springsteen
Around the Sun by REM
Double Take by Petra


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just sounds like a weak attempt to me... sounds like a Tool cover band... like they were just going through the motions uninspire
My girlfriend gave me their discography and I listened through all of it for the first time last night/this morning. I thought the same thing, so you're not alone.

I would like to nominate both Nitro albums.


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Let it Be, The Beatles.

I was, still am I supose, a huge Beatles fan but this was just a huge disappointment and packed with fillers. Lost there mojo completely, a couple of great songs on here but simply not good enough for a Beatles album.

An EP at best.

Midnite Zephyr

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Coda by Zeppelin didn't do much for me.

The White album is my favorite Beatles album.

I didn't like 10,000 days by Tool that much either.

There are too many to list. Even Frank Zappa had some duds.


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Hot Space - Queen

Up until Night at the Opera (maybe half of Day at the Races) they could do no wrong, in my opinion...


I forget who said this but it was a great and accurate line.. "You have your whole life to write your first album, and only 6 months to write the second".


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Post Bruford Yes.
Metallica post Justice.
Dream Theater - Octavarium onwards.
Iron Maiden - A Matter of Life and Death (I had to stand through that crap in it's entirety when they did the tour) and The Final Insult/Straw sorry Frontier.
90's Rush was a bit ropey.
Ian Gillan Sabbath. Early Deep Purple is quite funny sounds like Elvis singing prog but the drumming is some of Paice's finest.

As Primus said, they can't all be zingers!


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strangely I agree in a way even though I have never really thought about it until now

I think Two Of Us, Dig A Pony, and I've Got a Feeling are among the absolute best Beatles songs EVER .... but the rest I could really take or leave....

I have a similar feeling about the White Album ... it probably could have been one really good album and not a double album

and I to absolutely love the Beatles with all my heart ......

who the hell am I really though to say ANY of this

What I realy meant was that the Beatles set the bar so high with albums.

No fillers for them, almost every track could have been a single, and they were also pushing the boundaries of popular music and recording techniques.

Other acts at the time waited, like the fans, with baited breath to see what they would come up with next and I just found the album lacking in any innovation, as if they couldnt be bothered and simply re hashed a lot of old stuff.

A lot of bands would have been proud of that album but the Beatles set such a high standard that I thought it was a let down, and not a fitting way to split.


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Uriah Heep's Wonderworld

It's got Gary Thain on bass, but that's about the only redeeming quality.


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GnR - Chinese Democracy
I'd agree this isn't really a GnR Album. It certainly wasn't made by a great BAND.

Van Halen - anything after Dave.
I know I'm in the minority, but I think they got better with Hagar, and I think "Balance" is their master piece.


Caress of Steel - Rush. An experiment gone wrong. Even the band themselves hasn't played a cut off it in over 30 years (save a small section in their anniversary melody). Yet it set up their next album which became a masterpiece.

Presto - Rush. Two good songs on there, but the rest of the album is just a WTF moment. The production is too slick and thin sounding, and most of the songs sound like they were ran out of ideas, but put out an album anyway. Rolls the Bones really wasn't much better, but then they redeemed themselves with Counterparts.

St Anger - Metallica. I want my money back!

Hear in the Now Frontier - Queensryche - Most fans pan anything post-Degarmo from Queensryche, and with good reason. But this album is why Degarmo left. It was his baby and his attempt to change the band, and it was just horrible, and set up Degarmo's exit from the band and long slew of poor follow ups from which they never recovered.

There are many others, but as Anon La Ply, most of them are a case of the band just having hard time keeping the magic going.

I'm not sure how many really poor albums were made by a band that are bookended by great albums.