Roxul Safe N Sound


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Has anyone used Roxul Safe N Sound to reduce noise? I am thinking of putting it in the ceiling in my unfinished basement above my drum set. If you have used it and recommend it please add any installation details. Thank you.
Yes I have them in my drum room but I have them to reduce standing waves for recording, rather to "sound proof".

What do you mean reduce noise? To stop the second floor from hearing your drumming?

I followed this youtube tutorial
And you can see mine set up here:

I left the vertical boards their full length so I can just lean them against the wall and move them as i need. They sort of look like half easels instead of hanging rectangles.


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I have used it, but it's not a sound proofer.

I used it in the walls and ceiling and used resilient channels with two layers of green glue in between and a lot of interior sound dampening.

In most cases you will still get flanking noise.

Most pro soundproofing companies use plain pink insulation under the proper wall structures.

It will deaden the sound reflected from it, but it won't stop much of the sound from going out of the room.


It will possibly make your room sound better, depending on the room of course, but in and of itself, it will not soundproof your room. For that you need mass, mechanical decoupling, and your room must be airtight. +1 on what Wally said...when it comes to soundproofing, people get hung up on roxul, but in most cases pink fluffy fiberglass works better when used in conjunction with separately framed and decoupled inner and outer walls/ceilings. Go over to and cruise the Studio Building forum to learn the techniques. Lots of info over there.