Rollingstones Tour


Uh oh...Maroon 5 is a guilty pleasure of this 40 something woman. However, I seem to be missing the mansion, wealthy husband and younger man on the side. I must be doing something wrong...
There must be some drum playing, handsome, filthy rich toyboy on this thread somewhere for you???


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I just saw the four on Today show. They have a special on HBO tonight if anyone has that channel. Actually a documentary.


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Wow. I guess $300 a ticket isn't so bad when you can pay about $150 for a Cirque show in Vegas. I'll wait til they come to L.A., play a big stadium, and then show up at a House of Blues unexpectedly ;)

King Crimson did that back in '95 and I've been mad about that ever since.
Yeah - I'm only an hour from Newark, but there is no way I'm paying that kind of money for any concert. Unless Lennon and Harrison come back for reunion.