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I've had Rocksmith for 4 days and it strikes me as a brilliant tool to make practicing guitar more fun.....have pretty much been playing this one to two hours a night since I got it.....seems to me this is the way to go if one wants to get his/her foot in the door of guitar playing.....of course it doesn't teach you everything but I think for the beginner it would make those tough first stages easier....and as someone who has played guitar for quite a while I am finding it a real solidifier of the basic patterns of rock music.....and if you've got the basic patterns of rock music under your fingers and you are getting more and more fluent because you are playing for longer periods of time and this is going to translate into being better in your playing in general.....ymmv......but I think if a person has an xbox or a ps3 and it seems like every one does (except for me until 4 days ago!) + an electric guitar then this thing to me is a no just have to try it out, get it set up properly so there is minimal latency....and of course it is always good to come at things with an open mind...and realize it has its limitations....but my guess is that you will love this thing....I know I am loving it.....

I would love to see the equivalent for drums.....but of course one would need an electronic drum kit which tends to be quite a bit more expensive than an entry level electric guitar.

Huge ++++ from me on Rocksmith.

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Cool review. I'm thinking about checking it out................if I can pull myself away from saving the world from zombies.

Midnite Zephyr

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Yeah, I heard about this program last month. I've been thinking about getting it myself. Glad to see that you give it a favorable review. I was making good money earlier this year so I got me a new Les Paul Jr., but now I'm broke and I need a drum kit so I can't afford it right now. I'm OK on guitar, but I would love to have this game/program. I hope it is a hit and they keep making more.


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My roommate bought it a few weeks ago (he's an experienced guitarist) and it's definitely a great idea. We have an HDMI cable (which makes for terrible latency), but it's supposedly very easy to fix, we just haven't gotten around to it. I can see how it would be very useful for pretty much any skill level.