Right handed, left footed


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Hello everyone, must say I'm new here, sorry if I made this thread on the wrong category. Lately I've been kind of concerned about something. I've been playing drums for 3-4 months, things are going fine but the problem is I'm right handed but left footed. I'm using my right foot to kick the bass pedal but after some time my leg will "stop working at it's fullest". My entire life my right foot was not used very much, like, when I was trying to kick a football with my right foot it would end in a wrong direction. Now, I know I need a lot of practice to be able to use my foot at it's fullest and not get tired but I feel like my left foot would work so much better. So, should I be concerned and start using my left foot or just practice practice practice untill I get my right foot working well? Thank you a lot.

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I'm in the same boat as you. I'm right-handed and left-footed.

Hate to tell you, but it will take practice. An alternative is to use a double-bass pedal and use your slave as your primary pedal.

Speaking from years of experience, I play my kick with my right foot, but because I'm left-footed, now that I play double-bass, I lead double-bass with my left foot.

Go figure.


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I am also right handed and left footed.

I play a regular right handed set up.

It took time to get used to using the right foot for the bass drum. I also feel like having your strong foot on the hi hat is an advantage. Time keeping, opening the hats, doing ostinatos underneath seem to come easier for me.

If you feel like you have to, you could set you kit up as a lefty and play open handed with your right hand on the hi hat.