Richie Hayward Benefit


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This is And now this is!

I just spoke with the Richie Hayward benefit organizer and expressed to him our willingness to help Richie. I hope the members of Drummerworld will be equally generous in helping.

Details for the planned benefit can be found here:

If any members wish to make donations I invite and encourage you to do so. I challenge all other manufacturers to match my contribution.

On behalf of Dunnett Classic / George Way and Drumsmith I have donated the following to the silent auction:

1 - 6.5 x 14 Dunnett Classic Stainless Steel snare drum (cool details to follow)

1 - 6.5 x 14 George Way Studio model SUPER RARE ONE OF A KIND Walnut ply snare drum.

Jeremy Bender

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It's been a few months since the OP, I was wondering if anybody knew how Richie was progressing along.

I grew up listening to my brothers' Little Feat albums...


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I grew up listening to my brothers' Little Feat albums...
I have been a long time fan of Little Feat. I just received today the benefit T-shirt I ordered from eBay. It is a decent quality t-shirt with really nice graphics. I hope they sell a lot of these T-shirts for Richie. Buy one for yourself and another to give to someone else. Take care Richie.