Rich Redmond playing my kit


I have never posted this before, but thought it was cool. Rich Redmond was in town a year or two ago, and did a clinic at one of my friend's store. Out of all of the kits in the store he chose this one. I later bought it. He had them replace the batter heads, and they were tuned great. I have had the kit for a year and a half (I dont play it much, just for shows) which is maybe once a month, and i havent had to touch a lug on it. They still sound great, and dread the day i have to replace the heads. Anyone else had an experience like this? At the time I had taken a 10 year plus hiatus from playing, so I was just getting back to the world of music. I really didn't know much about him, or wasn't a fan of his genre. Now i am a huge fan and had the pleasure of seeing him play this past summer. He is impressive.