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Is your HH pedal broken :)

In the video, the very last two strokes is what I was hearing in my head as partially open and open open. Does that make any sense?

I want to say it's partially open, open, closed but like I said, it's in my head. If you are bored enough to do another video, can you play it without the hand choke? I'd like to hear if the two open hits sound the same. If they do and they are supposed to, I'll certainly take your word for it and rethink what I'm hearing.
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Jeff Almeyda

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if you play it like that you might get punched right on the band stand ;)

it's (open, closed open open , closed open open)

and many call it "55" or " walk the dog"


funny story about that though ...

while studying with Peter Erskine he told a story of when Neil Peart was a student of his while he was preparing Neil for one of the burning for Buddy type things... can't remember exactly what the performance was ...
it was widely known that Neil was studying with Peter so everyone was excited to hear how he sounded.
Peter said that he walked into the theater as the band was rehearsing with Neil and the first thing he noticed was that Neil was playing that horrible backward hi hat swing pattern ...
... he said he was standing there in the isle between rows of audience seats listening to Neil butcher the song still wearing his parka and holding his bag when out of nowhere Tommy Igoe jumps into Peters face and yells...
"you're a real F*$*in' great teacher!!!"

very much enjoyed hearing that story from Peter

anyway ... hijack over

carry on
Great story.
I studied with Tommy and that's 100% pure Tommy right there.