Resonant Head Selection.


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I am replacing my drum heads, switching back to Remo Pinstripe Clear, and want to know if anyone has any tips for resonant head selection. I like my toms to have a deeper tone. Would Pinstripes on top and bottom sound good? It seems like the simple solution, but just wanted to get some input. Thanks!


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I would think double pinstripes would kill all tone. I'd prob run the pinstripe over a coated single ply like an ambassador for warmth/depth. My own personal opinion being that I've never had success with pinstripes. They just sound duddy to me. Tried and true coated emp over coated ambassador would be great. Warm, deep and wonderful!!! Good luck.


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A friend of mine put Pinstripes on both sides of his toms for a while. The word I used to describe it was "beefy". They sounded very low in tone and volume, with very little resonance. Peace and goodwill.


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I will say ever since I started using coated ambassadors on the bottoms, I will never go back to clear! It just seems to warm the sound up a touch without killing it.