Requesting help with latin rhythms


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i've been studying it with my teacher for the past few months and it's been a big challenge! i'm gradually getting better at it, but it's taken some time.

one thing that's helped me a lot is the tommy igoe "groove essentials" book, playalong cd, and dvd. tommy igoe explains quite a few latin grooves, and shows examples of himself playing along to latin tunes of different styles. the cd has a bunch of drumless tracks you can play along to of varying difficulty.

i also have a book called "afro-cuban rhythms for the drumset".

it's got a lot of great examples and gets into the history of latin rhythms as well. there's a big wide world of latin drumming out there!

other than that, i've been listening to the latin stations on pandora internet radio a lot. i've also got a bunch of music by tito puente. that guy was the best latin drummer (RIP!)


Hey guys,

I wanted to ask some advice about Latin Rhythms. I've been playing rock and roll for a while now, I've tried to incorporate many styles into my drumming, but I feel when it comes to the latin beats, particularly bossa nova, samba, and salsa, Im just doing a cheap imitation and not capturing that Latin pulse or feel. I really want to play these styles authentically. So any help at going about this would be appreciated. Also if you guys could give me some good songs to play to that would be great. I've been practicing the bass pulse along with an 8th note pattern with my right hand. I've been trying to slip in different clave patterns but I'm having troubles with the independence. Thanks in advance.