Replacement lug for Premier 1005 Snare....can anyone help?


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First time on the Drummerworld forum so here we go!

I'm looking for a replacement lug for a Premier 1005 steel snare as one has snapped at the mounting point. Same model as this

Does anyone happen to have a spare kicking about or know where else I may be able to find one?

Many thanks in advance.
There's an auction on Ebay right now(USA) that has the parts you need.Eight lugs for 24.95 US,or you can probably pick up a used snare for around 40-50 bucks.The're not expensive at all.

Steve B


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Hi Bermuda,

Full link is -

Hope this works now. (Junior Members......honestly!!!)

Thanks for your responses...will keep an eye on Ebay. Only after the one so don't really want to buy a whole set if possible.

Great little snare as chips but punches above its weight for sure. Picked it up years ago and have just recently started playing it again. Pleasantly surprised. Now have a vintage 60's Gretsch COB, a modern 15 ply birch and this old Premier steel in the snare arsenal. That's enough choice for me!

Thanks again!


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If you get them from the uk, make sure the shipper sends it from royal mail to USPS so you don't have to worry about duties or tariffs.