Remo Quduras


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Hi Everyone! First timer on the site here. Was wondering if anyone can help identify this kit. I'm buying a late 80's Remo kit tomorrow for $200...22 - 10 - 14 mounted! - 16 floor tom - 18 floor tom all in matching blue wrap. Kit is in great shape except for some rust and pitting. Has the quick release lugs. Shells and edges are also in good shape. I am familiar with the Acousticon shell composition.My question is this. The badges say "REMO USA" and the shell interiors are BLACK. Any idea what model this is? and does anyone have any hands on experience with a late 80's Remo kit. I've heard Remo got the bugs out by then as far as the edges are concerned. Thanks so much.



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The Remo's with those type of lugs were "Encore's." I don't have any experience with them, but I know some pro's out there used them (i.e. Terry Bozzio). I own a Remo Master Touch and Master Edge kit and I really like them.


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I'd always been interested in these and wondered how their quality was.

I myself am not too savvy on Remo's kits, though i wanted to add that if you can provide us with a few pictures, it'll help us compare some of the kits and get to the bottom of this like scooby doo :)

John Lamb

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The quality on these guys is surprisingly good.

The major problem is that the tone doesn't 'sparkle'. There is very little high end to them. On the other hand, the low end is massive. I used to have a 24/18/14/13 kit that was *thunderous*.

So if you like muscle-y sounding drums, it might be a good fit. Otherwise, they'll sound flat.