Rejoining a previous band


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I have just rejoined the band I first joined in 1986 (The Varukers). Over the years I have come & gone 4 times. Left in 1989, Rejoined 1991, left 1999, rejoined 2001, left 2003. Rejoined 2016.
Anyone else done this?


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I have recently rejoined a band I left in 2013. It's been really positive - the entire vibe is much more uplifting and fun than when I left.

As long as it's not a series of acrimonious splits and makings-up, there's nothing wrong with coming in and out of a band when it's clear it serves everyone's best interests.


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Main thing is.. do you enjoy going back or does it just end up a giant mess that has to be dealt with later?
I always enjoy going back. This time more than any other :) When I left in 2003 it was because my wife fell pregnant & we used to spend most of the year touring. I announced my retirement completely. Now my kids are 11 & 14 it is a lot easier for me to go back :)