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I have a friend that I work with who is a professional drummer. He has helped me out a lot with my drum scholarship and is a nice guy. I wanted to ask him if I could attend one of his band's rehearsals but I did not know if that was against some general band protocol that outsiders are not allowed at rehearsals. I am sure he will kindly say no or yes when I do ask but I wanted to check ahead of time to see what the rules are about newbs hanging around rehearsals.

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wouldn't hurt to ask. it depends on the band as to having non members at practice. if you do go, stay out of the way, no asking questions or conversations unless started by them. I bring my wife and kids once in a while due to time constraints on certain days. no one minds and they disappear until its time to go.

when I do bring them, I shoot a text to the guys as a heads up.


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Each band is different, and it doesn't hurt to ask. the worst he can say is 'no'.



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When I was learning to play, I went to a lot of rehearsals and gigs with my teacher. I never had any issues and I learned a lot by watching and listening. But that was a long time ago ;-) As Old Hyde said "stay out of the way, no asking questions or conversations unless started by them" is a really good rule. If the band is a recording/touring band or a studio band writing new material they plan on selling, it may be a little different and they may not want you there, but as long as you are just here to learn and are quiet, I would hope the others would not mind.


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Dittos on "stay out of the way" unless someone invites you into a conversation. Hope you
get to go!


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well we don't mind if someone comes to rehearsal,but to be there can be quite boring .
Because we rehears , a piece of a song thats a problem of don't sound right,5 or 6 time until we've got it right.
And because we make are own songs,this will take time.
Just ASK And if your there,just listen.
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Depends on the band. Some like to have people around and make a party out of it, my band(s) don't like other people at the rehearsal because it can be distracting and irritating.


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Quite. Depends on the band. I hate other people being there, we are working on songs to get them right, and possibly having differences of opinion, having others there is distracting and un necessary.
You don't take family or friends to work, or do you?