Rehearsal Kit= Live Touring Kit?


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Hey all, I was wondering if some of you had the same dilemma as I did. My drum kit at home consisted of the a single kick, 3-up, 2-down set-up. The house kit at our rehearsal space consisted of single kick 2-up and 2-down set-up. After rehearsing with my band for 4 months, before the tour started, I found myself not being able to play my regular kit at home, 3-up and 2-down set-up. So what I did, I built my Touring Live kit to mirror my rehearsal kit. I now have the single kick 2-up and 2-down set-up, after many years playing the 3-up, 2-down set-up. It just makes sense for me to play live on something I've been rehearsing on. Was wondering if anyone here has run into this dilemma as well...


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What's the dilemma? It sounds like you've got it figured out, and it makes sense.

I've played on 3 up 1 down, 2 up 1 down, and 1 up 1 down configurations for years, and I can seamlessly move from one to another with no problems. I don't have any drum parts that "need" any more than the 1 up 1 down config, so that's what I gig with. I can't bring myself to have an "X up 2 down" config, because I don't like or see the need of the second floor tom. To each their own, though. Kudos on making it work for yourself.


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Never a dilemma, I always gig with the configuration I need, and the rehearsal setup doesn't exceed that. That way, assuming the setups are different, I never feel like I need to limit myself on the gig, because I can easily expand into the extra tom/s or cymbal/s that I didn't have in practice. I don't mind cutting back a little in rehearsal, but I don't want to be thinking about that on the job if it was the other way ariound.


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I rehearse with two up one down so i can get it closer to the wall of my space. i gig a one up two down. ive never had a problem with switching from one to another.


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I always try to rehearse with what I will play the gig on. I can always adapt to fewer toms if needed, but I like to get it set up as close as possible so that stickings and muscle memory can get solid.

Having said that, sometimes you can't play on the kit you rehearsed on. Adapt, improvise, overcome...