Recording myself playing vdrums (no drum speakers, no external mic)


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Hi there, I need some advise pertaining to above thread title. I have a set of vdrums but I used to play it off my headphones and do not have external speakers. In that case how do I record a video of me playing the beats? I could not get any clue till now, and if someone can provide some tips it will be brilliant !!!


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You can plug your vdrums into your PC/laptop via a USB interface such as made by Edirol etc. THen you will need recording software such as protools (PC) or Logic (Mac).

Or, get a small practice amp and record with your iPhone 5 - this is surprisingly good.



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I just posted this yesterday in response to someone asking a similar thing.....

You can use the Quick Rec/Quick Play function of your v-drums to record the audio

1) Connect your laptop to the "mix in" jack in the module so you can listen to the original song in your headphones
2) Play the original song in your laptop using any music software (like Audacity) and record the drums into your module using the quick rec function
3) Once you're done recording, connect the module to your computer using the headphones jack of the module as "out" signal and the mic jack of your computer as "in" signal.
4) Press record in your software and the quick play button in the module. this will record just the drums as a separate track.
5) Mix the original track with your drum track and adjust the volume levels.

As for the video, just use an iphone, gopro or any camera to record yourself while playing and later mix the audio with the video. I use Windows Live Movie Maker for that.


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I use TD-12s and a Focusrite 2i4 USB interface/ preamp. From there I use a webcam and simply select the usb preamp for audio. Not a tech or hardware guru by any stretch and found this combination very user-friendly (if I can do it, pretty much anyone can) I find it easier to record video/audio at same time, although recording separately has it's advantages too. I also like the headphone jack and monitor on the focusrite. Maybe sometime this week I'll post a video.


I use a Behringer X1204USB, which is an inexpensive mixer board with USB output that lets me plug pretty much anything into my PC or laptop, including my edrums

You can plug almost anything into it, including those old "shoebox" cassette recorders, by which I recovered some really old session tapes to digital. And you can use it as a regular mixer for your PA etc. It's been really useful to me in unexpected ways, and will solve your problem.


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Hi guys, thanks for the response. Apologies as I'm not a techy person so may not be able to understand it all. If I have Windows Movie Maker(WMM) in my PC, can I just directly connect vdrums into my PC using a USB cable, and then use WMM to record? Not sure if this is the easiest way. Just need to hear the drum beats and video of me playing it with vdrums. Thanks again.


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Not sure about that.

You can also do it via audio out of the module to the mic in of the computer, but if you want to use USB, you will need to find an audio to USB cable (which I'm not even sure they exist) or spend in an interface like the one's that have been suggested here. The other way is using MIDI which is far more complex and you will need a program to trigger the sounds.

Also I'm not familiar with windows movie maker....I use Windows Live movie maker which is completely different software so I'm not sure about the capabilities of WMM.

Good luck
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I use a Zoom R24 mixer. I can plug the module directly into the mixer and record, and save the recordings to a USB drive. Then I synchronize the audio to the video using video editing software. That's how I made the drum covers I did with pretty good sound quality. A Zoom R16 would probably do the same job and cost a little less. Not sure what your budget is but you may look into that option.