Recording from EDrum to PC via Cinch - weird sound


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Hi all,

I thought it would be quite straight forward to connect the cinch output of my edrum (Roland TD-3) to the audio-in of my soundcard. So I got a male-male cinch-cable, put it in both ends and started recording. But the result was quite disappointing: It sounds very distorted. I first thought that the recording level is perhaps to sensitive so I set it _very_low. It made it a bit better, but far from good.

Can anyone imagine where the problem is?



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Good point. The TD-3's output is mono, the jack-cable is stereo. For the soundcard's input, I would need to double check .. but as long as the source is mono, shouldn't the second channel of the jack-cable be just ignored?
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not sure, I use mono cables out of the individual channels on my TD20 or MIDI. I have not tried anything else.

I would suspect cables first,


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If it's just distortion, you are overloading the input of your soundcard. Try turning down the drum brain or module.

If you go into your recording preferences, you should be able to set it so that you can hear what you are recording. That way you can adjust the various levels so that it comes out right.

Not sure if the cable you have is mono (main sleeve and just the tip) or stereo (a third separate ring contact just below the tip)

A stereo cable plugged into a mono output just won't pick up anything on the ring (middle) contact as there's no corresponding contact in the jack.

A mono cable plugged into a stereo input will short the ring contact to ground and simply have no sound on that channel. It won't do anything. Same as turning down the volume on an electric guitar. It just progressively shorts the signal to ground. All the way down is a direct short, same as you got when the ring contact on the stereo input jack touched the ground sleeve of the mono plug.