Record Drums Video. Listen each mic or group with solos and see how it sounds!


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I've made a movie of a drums record session, where u can hear all the mics separately and groups like a over heads and kick, or Room + snare etc...

Tel me how it sounds for u.

D112 - Kick
Sm57 - Snare top
Beta 57 - Snare bottom
BeyerDynamic opus 53 - Hi Hat
MD 421 and E604 - Tons
Md 421 - Ride
Avantone Ck-1 - Over Heads


Joemeek ThreeQ - Kick and Snare Top
Ua 710 - Snare Botton
Presonus Digitube - Hi Hat
Octopre MKII - Tons
Arsenal Audio Ar20 - Overs
Isa One - Ride

keep it simple

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Interesting video :) I can see you've processed through preamps, but did you manipulate EQ, or is it all flat? The kit is fairly dead sounding overall - a bit lifeless - do you think that's the room? Or a combo of kit & room?