Recommend some classic jazz tunes with brushes!


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definitely Billy Boy

Lonely Woman - Pat Metheny / Billy Higgins
Have You Met Miss Jones - McCoy Tyner / Roy Haynes
Ascendant - Elvin Jones
Now Then - Tim Berne / Joey Baron
Rob Roy - Bill Frisell / Joey Baron


listen to this entire record ...

Vernel Fourneir is one of the best brush players to ever breathe our air ... and he plays brushes for most of this date

also these ... Vernel was a beast !!!

find anything you can with him on it and absorb

get some glimpses of his beautiful brush work here

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PT, I don't know your skill level, but if you are just starting to explore jazz with brushes, the CD that comes with Riley's Art of Bop has technique instructions and a couple of play along songs. Along with the other fine suggestions here in this thread, it might be the thing to get you started.


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Up till today, I had never heard of Vernel Fournier. Nice smooth, buttery hands. He makes it look so easy.